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    About Us

    About BestTours Jamaica

    Jamaican-born Glendon Wiggan spent the first half of his adult life being a successful businessman who worked coast to coast, east to west, north to south while learning the ins and out of the Island. After more than two decades of this back and forth between cities and small villages that he decided to make the switch over to offering tours, excursions and general transportation.

    Glen, as he is affectionately known, grew up in Trelawney, but calls tourist mecca Montego Bay home. Those many years of living amongst different cultures and making friends with persons visiting from all over the world taught Glen next to many other things what foreign travelers expect from a tour facilitator when planning to visit his home country.

    Equipped with this knowledge Glen along with his wife Tynette founded BestTours Jamaica, he later joined forces with their daughter Lori and German son-in-law Jens into building it into what it is today. As a double bonus, Jens’ parents also live on the Island (they fell in love with Jamaica and decided to call it home over 20 years ago) and mother Karin regularly helps out with European group tours – an entire family affair!

    Our vision is to turn our customers into fans and repeat visitors to the country, through the experience of amazing tours that leave nothing to be desired in respect of service quality, attention to detail, honoring the individual’s preferences, special interests and expectations and pulling it all together into one big WOW factor, every time.


    Why choose BestTours Jamaica?

    The value of travel experiences to be made with BestTours Jamaica is not only determined by what regions have to offer in natural attractions but also by the quality of services selected and the care taken on the ground – from planning feasible travel itineraries for your tours and reliably booked travel arrangements to assistance in emergencies.

    We at BestTours Jamaica know Jamaica like the proverbial back of our hands. Our geographical knowledge is complemented by close contacts with many local service providers with whom we agreed to cooperate, after careful inspection of their product and service offers.

    Making your perfect Island dream vacation becomes reality should not be left to chance. Some of the experiences in Jamaica can make one addicted. Due to this knowledge, we want to clarify that we can not be held liable if the one or the other, or even everyone who visits insists on staying on the Island!

    Trust us, take your flight home and just return next year again to us!!!



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    Meet the Team

    Glendon Wiggan

    BestTours Jamaica - Team - Glendon Wiggan

    Tour company owner and driver Glen has always been an explorer, growing up in one of the most rural communities at the foothills of the amazing Cockpit Country Mountain range, his appreciation to nature became second nature. He has a spotless driving record and he has a sixth sense when it comes on to pre-spotting potholes – yes, the rumors are true, they really do exist in Jamaica once you are off our little version of the Autobahn. ? Relax, though, you really are in safe hands!

    Tynette Wiggan

    BestTours Jamaica - Team - Tynette Wiggan

    Jamaican-born Tynette is obsessed with being the best host and she is excellent at it. Avid cook and people person, she literally has decades of managerial experience for the Jamaican government for, you guessed right, making people feel comfortable and treated fairly. When she isn’t busy dropping golden rule gems, you can find her either singing on or organizing a new choir.

    Karin Quast

    BestTours Jamaica - Team - Karin Quast

    The term “Jamaica – once you go you know” must have been stolen from German ex-pat Karin. Once an avid traveler, she literally visited Jamaica, fell in love with it and never left… Well, she did, but it wasn’t soon after that she and her husband decided to make Jamaica their retirement home and the rest is history!

    Lori Quast

    BestTours Jamaica - Team - Lori Quast

    Lover of a good meme, and an aspiring but failing minimalist, Jamaican born, German in mannerisms, Lori spends most of her downtime wrangling her very energetic two-year-old… Lori’s hobbies include writing and collecting hobbies.

    Jens Quast

    BestTours Jamaica - Team - Jens Quast

    German born, Jamaican at heart, Jens speaks with the most authentic Jamaican accent and is often confused with being a born Jamaican. Forever playing with technology, passionate about web design, web development, developing apps and anything with Jerk (Jamaican spicy seasoning) on it, in his spare time he utilizes his business brain by trying to outwit his two year old daughter, but mostly her smile wins.