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    Cockpit Country

    Explore intricate caves in the Cockpit Country guided by the descendants of the Maroons. The caves were used as hideouts by the Maroon warriors against the British. The brave Maroons would eventually end up succeeding. Limestone formations glitter in the underground caverns of the underground caves. An amazing breathtaking ecological system of underground freshwater pool and animals that are nocturnal coexist in a peaceful unique space. The tour calls for sometimes getting down on your knees or edging through tight spaces at times. Return refreshed and revitalized after a short escape from reality. The excursion includes some of Jamaica’s most rural communities far removed from tourist hubs like Daniel Town, Jackson Town, Troy and Balaclava. Forget about the typical tourist favorites that are offered everywhere bite into roasted delicacies, done right before your eyes then take a dip on the return trip in Noisy River. This tour takes you sooooo off the beaten path (even to local city dwellers), nothing really pops up when you attempt to google it. Experience literally the real real Jamaica on this tour.

    Tour details

    Base price (1-4 persons): $ 360 USD
    Additional price per person: $ 90 USD
    Duration: 8 hours
    Recommended for children: Yes
    What to bring along:
    • Waterproof camera or smartphone
    • Cash preferable
    • Swimwear/towel
    This tour is great for :
    • Dining
    • Nature
    • Off the beaten path
    • Photography
    • Thrill seekers
    Starting location: Montego Bay
    (Prices for optional transport from/to your location according to Airport Transfers.)
    Entry fees not included.

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