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  • BestTours Jamaica - Mayfield Falls and Roaring River Community Tour

    Mayfield Falls and Roaring River Community Tour

    The falls walk will last approximately two hours. There are 21 natural pools for swimming! Some of the natural swimming holes are deeper than some. Tour guides normally climb embankment and dive into the cool pools below.

    Very alert and careful guides will also show you were to swim or jump into the pools. There’s also a specific pool where you can swim through an underwater cavern and emerge on the other side… you should try it! It’s definitely amazing! When you are done be amazed by the underground wonders that you have experienced continue this wonderment above ground.

    The Roaring River Community Tour is our most off-the-beaten-path excursion and one of the most loved tours since it allows travelers an inside look into the lives of average Jamaicans. Through this cultural immersive tour, we journey through the Jamaican countryside to arrive at a local coastal community. The first stop for instance can be a random stop at anyone of the numerous fruit vendors that whose fruit shacks dot the Island´s highways and village intersections. One need not to travel to a fruit market to get exotic fruits, the fruits will come to you especially on this community countryside tour. From there, a visit to the community’s nursery and elementary schools. Guests are welcome to listen in on a lesson, play with students and donate school supplies. The Countryside Tour also gives visitors the chance to tour a local’s home and stroll down a quiet fishermen’s beach. Enjoy an authentic Jamaican lunch prepare as you take a dip in the ocean. End your tour with a visit to a secret swimming hole.

    Tour details

    Base price (1-4 persons): $ 240 USD
    Additional price per person: $ 60 USD
    Duration: 6-8 hours
    Recommended for children: Yes
    What to bring along:
    • Waterproof camera or smartphone
    • Cash preferable
    • Sunblock
    • Swimwear/towel
    • Water shoes (also available for rent on site)
    This tour is great for :
    • Nature
    • Off the beaten path
    • Photography
    • Thrill seekers
    Starting location: Montego Bay
    (Prices for optional transport from/to your location according to Airport Transfers.)
    Entry fees not included.

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