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    Introduction to Patois 101

    Are you traveling to Jamaica soon? Do you want to learn to communicate like a local when speaking to locals? Yes, it’s true, Jamaica is an English speaking country and you will have no problems communicating in English while you are here… however, if you listen closely to the locals when they are speaking to each other, or any other reggae song, the language that you are hearing is not English.

    The Jamaican creole patois pronounced patwah is a whole other language. It instantly makes you sound cool, plus the locals get a kick out of teaching you new words.

    Below is a list of some Jamaican Patois phrases translated to English.

    • I Will Be Right There – Mi soon come
    • To Eat – Nyam
    • Jamaica – Jamrock, Jamdown, Yard
    • Jamaican – Yardie, Yard man
    • Friend – Bredren (male), sistren (female)
    • Well Done – Big up, respect
    • Excellent – Sell off, tun up, wicked
    • What’s up? – Wah gwaan, whappen, whe yu a seh?
    • Everything is good – Mi deh yah, everyting criss
    • See you later – Likkle more, walk good
    • Understand/Agree – Zeen
    • Over there – Ova deh suh
    • What Are You Up To – Wha yuh deh pon
    • I Don’t Care – Mi nuh biznizz
    • Jealous/Envious – Badmind
    • Step up your game – Tun up de ting
    • The party was good! – De party tun up
    • OMG – Jeezum pees
    • Don’t mess with me – Nuh ramp wid mi
    • Move Over – Small up yuhself
    • Mix Up – Pasa pasa
    • Congratulate yourself – Big up yuself
    • Everything is ok – Everyting irie
    • Little but powerful – Likkle but tallawah