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    Jamaica me crazy, appears quite frequently on mugs, hats, t-shirts, backpacks, there has even been a tattoo or two, but what does this expression mean exactly? Seeing that the total population of Jamaica is 2,726,667 as of 31-Dec-18, which represents 0.04% of global population and ranks Jamaica # 139 worldwide – how is it possible for such a tiny country to have all this power? It is widely known as the smallest biggest country in the world, as the Jamaicans call it “LIKKLE BUT TALLAWAH”, directly translated to mean “little but powerful” (learn more Jamaican expressions here).

    Jamaica comes with its own soundtrack, its own groovy soundtrack that is. Sure, Bob Marley is the undisputed first global superstar to come out of any third world country, but it’s the island itself that is provides the beats to this bombastic soundtrack. As groovy as Jamaica is portrayed in the media, especially travel blogs, fair warning… Jamaica can be intimidating at first to a foreigner. This adventurous land will take you beneath and above its blue waters, take you deep under the earth and spit you back out then raise you far above its endless clear blue skies. Throw in the astounding array of tropical fruits that seemingly drip from the trees, washed down with freshly picked coconuts, you can see and taste how the Jamaican cultural story retains its original soundtrack.

    If you are heading to Jamaica, you may want to consider a guided tour – our tour services can help you discover fascinating historical sites as well as the beautiful nature that our island has to offer. Add to that, deserted beaches and a few “secret” insider tips and we can guarantee that you will make the most of your trip.

    Taking a local tour or enjoying something a little out of the ordinary is one of the best ways to experience our Island. Visit charming buildings, take in beautiful sights and learn a little about our history and culture. Whether you decide to stroll through the streets of downtown with map in hand or take one of our many expertly guided tours, a new adventure awaits you around every corner of Jamaica!